Read GV Wire’s story on Senate Bill 331, a bill focused on ensuring every county in California develop a suicide prevention plan.

When Brandy Lidbeck was 10 years old, her mom killed herself.

“It was incredibly devastating,” said Lidbeck, the program coordinator for Survivors of Suicide Loss.

For years, Lidbeck felt alone, ashamed and embarrassed. She constantly wondered if she bore any responsibility.

“You are always questioning what if I did this or what if I never did that,” Lidbeck said. “You are left in grief that a lot of people don’t understand unless they’ve experienced it.”

State Sen. Melissa Hurtado said she experienced firsthand the impact on families and communities while growing up in Sanger. That’s why she’s introduced Senate Bill 331 to require California counties to take more proactive steps to prevent suicides.


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