MHSA Annual Update and PEI Annual Report Posted

Fresno County Department of Behavioral has completed the drafts of its 2018-19 MHSA Plan Annual Update and the 2018-19 PEI Annual Report. Both of these can be found as one document in the link below.  From its posting on April 12, and for the next 30 days we invite you to review the update and provide any input, feedback, or corrections. You may share your feedback with us by email at We ask for you to submit your comment in writing so we may have a written record of them.

Link to the 2018-19 MHSA Plan Annual Update and PEI Annual Report DRAFT

Read GV Wire’s story on Senate Bill 331, a bill focused on ensuring every county in California develop a suicide prevention plan.

When Brandy Lidbeck was 10 years old, her mom killed herself.

“It was incredibly devastating,” said Lidbeck, the program coordinator for Survivors of Suicide Loss.

For years, Lidbeck felt alone, ashamed and embarrassed. She constantly wondered if she bore any responsibility.

“You are always questioning what if I did this or what if I never did that,” Lidbeck said. “You are left in grief that a lot of people don’t understand unless they’ve experienced it.”

State Sen. Melissa Hurtado said she experienced firsthand the impact on families and communities while growing up in Sanger. That’s why she’s introduced Senate Bill 331 to require California counties to take more proactive steps to prevent suicides.


New Residential Facility To Address Gaps In Fresno’s Mental Health Treatment

Mental health care is a constant need here in the San Joaquin Valley, especially for those who can’t afford to go elsewhere—and for those whose symptoms are tough enough to require some treatment but not hospitalization.

Last week, Fresno County opened a new crisis residential facility to house those who fall in that in-between space. In this interview, we speak about the new facility with Dawan Utecht, director of the Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health.


Healing Our Own

Dawan Utecht on Central Valley Today

It’s suicide prevention month and earlier this week Dawan Utecht, Director of Fresno County Behavioral Health was invited to share the suicide prevention efforts being done by the Fresno County Suicide Prevention Collaborative on the Central Valley Today show.


Send Silence Packing

There is a powerful display regarding Suicide Prevention that made stops in Fresno and Clovis earlier this week. It’s called Send Silence Packing put together by Active Minds. Send Silence Packing is a nationally recognized traveling exhibition of donated backpacks representing college students lost to suicide each year. The program is designed to raise awareness about the incidence and impact of suicide, connect students to needed mental health resources, and inspire action for suicide prevention. At each exhibit of Send Silence Packing, backpacks are displayed in a high-traffic area of campus – like the campus quad – giving a visual representation of the scope of the problem and the number of victims.


Here is short video from yesterday’s display at Fresno City College


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