Communication Workgroup

The Communication Workgroup is focused on communicating the Suicide Prevention Collaborative message with the public, the media, and other organization’s in the Central Valley.

If you feel you or your organization would like to assist the Communication Workgroup please attend the Suicide Prevention Collaborative meeting held on the first Friday of each month at 1925 E. Dakota Ave. Fresno, CA 93726.  See Calendar for more information.

  • Communicate

    Goal 1: Connect with communication staff from different agencies to spread the work being done by the collaborative.
    Objective A: Create a shared database of communication staff.
    Objective B: Update contact information as needed.

  • Local Media

    Goal 2: Create partnerships with local media to assist in spreading safe reporting practices.
    Objective A: Invite local media to collaborative meetings, subcommittee meetings
    Objective B: Speak to News Managers and news staff on collaborative efforts including safe reporting.

  • Website

    Goal 3: Create a website to house local, state, and national suicide prevention efforts.
    Objective A: Begin by using the website to communicate with the collaborative by sharing meetings, goals & objectives of the subcommittees, and resources.

    Objective B: Create a Facebook page that can used to post information and link back to website.

    Objective C: Continue to update the website.

  • Safe Messaging

    Goal: Develop safe messaging guidelines

Agendas and Meeting Notes