Learning & Education Workgroup

The Learning & Education Workgroup are focused on organizing a list of training opportunities in the Central Valley.

If you feel you or your organization would like to assist the Learning & Education Workgroup please attend the Suicide Prevention Collaborative meeting held on the first Friday of the month at 1925 E. Dakota Ave. Fresno, CA 93726.  See Calendar for more information.

  • Inform

    Goal 1: To provide guidance and support regarding training resources to the community at large.

    Objective A: Create list of trainings and a description of the content and time of delivery.


    Objective B: Gather master list of trainers for Fresno County.


  • Presentations

    Goal 2. Create presentation for suicide prevention including which addresses mental health stigma, the statistics of suicide, the signs associated with suicide for children, teens, adults and elder adults with an intro of how to intervene and provide resources.


    Objective A: Recruit and train individuals to deliver the presentation across the county

    In progress

    Objective B: Create a pre- and post-test to measure outcome of KTS presentation.


    Objective C: Deliver presentation throughout Fresno County

    In progress

  • Outreach

    Goal 3. Create informational content for outreach events (coping strategies and informative literature).

    • 3 items created (ongoing)
  • Magnify

    Goal 4. Magnify our prevention and awareness efforts by recruiting new members to deliver presentations

    • Recruit presenters (in progress)
    • Schedule training for presenters (in progress)
    • Schedule events throughout Fresno County (upcoming)
    • Deliver presentations (TBD)

    Presentation run time is 90 minutes with discussion.

    Recommendations associated with presentation:

    • Ideally up to 30 people per presentation
      • Onsite crisis support needed 2
    • In school settings up to 100
      • Onsite crisis support needed 5
  • Screening

    Goal 5. Bring the S Word documentary and director for screening events in August.

    • Work with Fresno County and Suicide Prevention collaborative to schedule and host events. (awaiting decision)
    • Fresno County requested prescreening of movie (in progress)
    • Use a platform to kick up Septembers Suicide Awareness/Prevention month.

Agendas and Meeting Notes