School Workgroup

The School Workgroup is focused on Suicide Prevention efforts in the school districts & are addressing the need for youth suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention.

If you feel you or your organization would like to assist the School Workgroup please attend the Suicide Prevention Collaborative meeting held on the first Friday of the month at 1925 E. Dakota Ave. Fresno, CA 93726.  See Calendar for more information.

Click HERE for a list of Fresno County School Districts Crisis Contact District Liaisons

  • Guide

    Goal 1: Guide leadership for County to help shore up suicide prevention in schools.
    Objective A: Help districts meet the “letter of law” in AB 2246.

  • Communicate

    Goal 2: Support information sharing among one another to provide the best program available to students.
    Objective A: Gather together a matrix of forms, assessments, training.

    1. Develop a matrix that includes categories of people who need type of assessment, especially for districts not present.
    2. Examine re-entry programs

  • Collaborate

    Goal 3: Build collaboration with non-school entities (law enforcement, healthcare, etc.) for the betterment of schools.
    Objective A: Have one form to be used for assessment/referral.

    1. Invite Justice (primarily youth-focused) and Healthcare Workgroup participants to the Education meetings since there will be a lot of blended/shared objectives.

  • Explore

    Goal 4: Understand data and what is happening at the school and community levels.
    Objective A: Start initiative for data collection, share with community agencies and see if data points match, and determine if there is going partner (school vs. hospitals).

    1. Meet with Community Medical Centers and discussed the impact on ERs and taxing of resources.
    2. Meet with families and determine how are cultural specific/rural supports being given, and how we fill in gaps.
    3. FCSS and DBH to discuss how to have behavioral health system better meet rural needs.

Agendas and Meeting Notes