Data Workgroup

The Data Workgroup is focused on working with local, state, & federal data collection methods in regards to statistics, rates, and overall numbers regarding suicide in the Central Valley.

If you feel you or your organization would like to assist the Data Workgroup please attend the Suicide Prevention Collaborative meeting held on the first Friday of the month at 1925 E. Dakota Ave. Fresno, CA 93726.  See Calendar for more information.

  • Understand

    Goal 1: Create a system allowing for data sharing to improve care. (2-3 years).
    Objective A: Obtain legal interpretation of data sharing capabilities in regards to HIPPA, FERPA, etc. (1-1.5 years).
    Objective B: Improve data collection capabilities (ongoing, never-ending process).

    1. Create bare-bones framework for what data sharing process could look like. To be submitted to the collaborative. (Feb., 2017)
    2. Reach out to key collaborators for involvement in process (hospitals, school systems, etc.). (Feb., 2017)

  • Evaluate

    Goal 2: Create a Needs Assessment Report for Fresno County (1 year).
    Objective A: Pool de-identified data together (6 mo.).
    Objective B: Improve data collecation capabilities (ongoing, never-ending process).

    1. Create a list of all available data sources. Target areas from which we need data. (Oct., 2017)
    2. Contact outside agencies for data availability (Survivors of Suicide, etc.). (Oct., 2017)
    3. Increase data gathered by syndromic surveillance program ‘Epicenter’. (Contract negotiation.)(Feb., 2017)

Agendas and Meeting Notes