Healthcare Workgroup

The Healthcare Workgroup is focused on making connections with other Healthcare providers including hospital emergency rooms, clinics, and other agencies to promote suicide prevention.

If you feel you or your organization would like to assist the Healthcare Workgroup please attend the Suicide Prevention Collaborative meeting held on the first Friday of the month at 1925 E. Dakota Ave. Fresno, CA 93726.  See Calendar for more information.

  • Integrate

    Goal 1: Have a fully integrated health system, both public and private agencies, to detect and respond to suicide risk, within five years.
    Objective A: Identify an array of training for the healthcare system.
    Objective B: Identify a package of screening tools for the healthcare system.
    Objective C: Establish a psychiatric consultation line for primary care providers by December, 2017.

  • Navigate

    Goal 2: Implement an effective system of detection and support for children and adolescents receiving hospital care within the next two years.
    Objective A: Compile an inventory within the next six months of programs and interventions implemented in children’s hospitals nationally to detect and respond to suicide risk.
    Objective B: Conduct a local needs assessment within the next 12 months for families receiving ancillary care from organizations such as Ronald McDonald House and Terry’s House while their children are cared for in a hospital setting.

    1. Reach out to Cassie’s home to determine if they have unmet needs and to invite them to work with the workgroup.
    2. Reach out to Ronald McDonald House Central Valley to determine if they have unmet needs and to invite them to work with our workgroup.
    3. Reach out to First 5 Fresno and invite them to the workgroup to identify shared goals.

Agendas and Meeting Notes